Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Avatar

This is my first Avatar. I choosen to create my avatar on the website called Voki. Voki is a very good website for creating all kinds of avatar's such as: fictional, personal and the Voki website has already made up avatar's that are great to use as well. In these made up ones you can still choose different things like clothes or hair and many more things. Voki does have a lot of pros and cons, but some cons might be that you have a very limited choice of personal details such as: hair colour, eye colour, hair styles, clothes and you can not choose you background they are only set for you.

My avatar has a only one of my identities in it. On a weekend I love to go out and go horse riding,I have my own horses and have gone to state level for eventing (Dressage,Showjumping,Cross-Country). This avatar represents me at a horse riding competitions.

By Abbey Fanning

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  1. Abbey an excellent avatar that identifies with one of your personal characteristics. You identified and explained one weakness of the software but not a strength. You also have not completed the task as a minimum of 3 avatrs are required. You need to complete this by Monday