Monday, August 29, 2016

This my Second Avatar
This is my second Avatar and I have created this Avatar on a website called Avatar I found this website quite easy to use in lots of  different ways. This website was quick and easy to use. Some Pros of the website would be that the layout was easy to read and things were clearly labeled and placed in appropriate places that made it easy to read and find them. Cons of this website would of been the features that you could put on the avatar for example the hair and the eye colours were very limited and not very good to use.

This Avatar repends me at home. This avatar shows me wearing glasses and yes I do where them at home all the time because when I am doing homework I need them to see and I use them for lots of other things. I like to be very casual at home so I do not really care what I wear because only my dad and step mum will see so there is no point having lots of makeup on or cool clothes.

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