Sunday, September 11, 2016


PMI-last lesson

P- What did you learn?
Things the learned last lesson where that some types of technology can be really unreliable and not go as planned. But in a hole the things that i learnt where that programming the sensor to pick up yellow or red or green is not as easy as people think because we started to use a new tool.
But in robotics that’s what it is all about problem solving and working out problems and that is what i really enjoying doing.
What do you get/ understanding?
I started to understand how this tool works and what you needed to do for the robot to see all the different colours and do something when it see’s them.

M-What challenges did you face?
Well personally what challenges I faced was that our robot was not working at all like the the motors were not turning when we but the command there so we asked to teacher to help us out. So most of the lesson was us trying to find the problem within the program.
What did you do to work it out?
We asked the teacher to come down and break down this problem for us so she ran us through some of the problems there many be not letting the program work.

I- What is missing?
Well to be honest I don’t really know because we are still faced with the problem of the robot not working  
What understanding do we have?

I have an understanding of the basic parts of this program but still I am having trouble with understanding why it is not working.  

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