Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dance Assignment Task P.M.I

By Abbey Fanning

P- What did you learn?
Working through this task I learnt a lot of different things for example I learnt that working in a team is all about putting both ideas forward testing them and finding what worked the best. When working with the robot I learnt that it is always good to make sure that everything on the robot is walking fine like the motors and sensors before you try and do anything with it. When coding I learnt, it is always best to save as you go along because it’s very easy to lose everything  you have done,having to start again can be inioying also very time consuming.

M-What challenges did you face?
In the start of the task Aniki and I made a decision to compeley rebuild our robot. So we looked up how to construct the robot. We completed that very successfully and the robot was all well and good. The challenges we faced with this was programming the robot to move. Anikia and I must have spend a good 30mins trying to make it move, it didn’t happpen, we asked the teacher and she couldn’t see how to do it as well. Then we made the desion to go back to the old robot. The challenge that we faced was working out how to work it, make it do things I take responsibility for it as I didn’t do enough research to see how things would work.

I- What is missing?
I think in the final dance we didn’t demonstrate our best programming because of the lose of the work and parts not working for us,we were very rushed to complete the task to a reasonable standed.

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  1. Well done you and Anika learnt to work more effectively as time progressed. I think you both would have benefitted by spending more time in the planning phase thinking about what you needed to do. You have evaluated the project clearly identifying strengths and weaknesses. Would have liked to hear more about feedback from peers. You have not included your video and your PM sheet required more specific detail. All in all well done.